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Our team consists of caring professionals who can give you expert advice on your health and wellbeing.

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With the growing need for pharmacy services, Care Gateway Pharmacies is proud to serve communities in Wetaskiwin and Red Deer

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In addition to offering pharmacy needs, we also provide medication reviews, addictions services and Hepatitis C management.

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It involves evaluating the therapeutic effectiveness of each drug and the progress of the conditions being treated.


We provide assistance with Addiction Management. Our services are patient-tailored to target opioid dependency as well as other substance and behavioral addictions.


Hepatitis C treatment is now more effective than ever with successful cure rates over 95%. Care Gateway Pharmacies offers testing, treatment, and follow up for Hepatitis C.


HIV Prophylaxis is a medicine that, when taken daily, can prevent HIV infection. HIV Prep is free of charge for some individuals. Come talk to us about HIV Prep and how it can protect you.


Pain is complex and usually requires multiple approaches to management - including medications, counseling, and mind-body coping techniques. Learn the benefits and risks of each with Care Gateway Pharmacies.


Through vaccine administration, the immune system becomes primed against certain infectious microorganisms that can cause disease and harm the body. Vaccines are safe and effective for most people. Come talk to our pharmacists about vaccines and whether they are right for you.


Care Gateway Pharmacies provides ongoing support for the management of diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and other long-term health conditions. Customized Blister Packaging is an inexpensive option for creating packages that are durable, transparent, and tamper-proof.


(Pronounced na-LOX-own, also known by the brand name Narcan) is an overdose rescue medication that can temporarily reverse an opioid overdose.One adminstered to reverse an overdose ,call 911 immedietely as Naloxone may need to be administered more than once to overcome an overdose.


Compounding is a method of creating medications and supplements that are "customized" towards an individual's unique needs. A compounding pharmacist will create medications with higher or lower amounts of certain ingredients depending on each patient's needs.

Health information

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Every time there was a problem they took care of it.

"Rita Gibbons"

I would recommend them to anyone who is on need of a good Pharmacy.

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The staff is always pleasant and very professional.

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